Coral-Med tries to limit the number of distributors in Russia. It cooperates only with such wholesale companies, that distribute goods directly into medical institutes and chemicals to avoid the rise of price on drugs at the expense of participating of the agents and trusts the distribution of its production to Federal distributors, which are the leaders in this field and involve the whole territory of Russia. They are –“Protec”, “SIA INTERNATIONAL”, “Shrea-Corporation”, “Apteka Holding”. “Rosta:, “Katren”, “Moron”. It is enough to say about them, that they are in the 200 largest private companies in Russia and their turn in 2008 is 4 billion dollars.

By the way, company ZAO “Coral-med” active participates in federal and regional tenders and auctions, organized by the Ministry of Health of RF and its regional departments. Company was repeatedly the winner of the auctions during the last 2 years because in the second half-year 2008 and in 2009 ZAO “Coral-Med” had won the tender on the supply in RF of generics Mycept (Mycophenolate mofetil) , antituberculosis products and other items.


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