Method of work

Coral-Med realizes the entire spectrum of activities on Russian pharmaceutical market, including registration, marketing, performing clinical trials in the leading medical centers and institutions, cooperation with leading specialists physicians and pharmacologists on the every territory of Russian Federation, import and storage, introduction, promotion and organization of distribution through all large federal and local distributors. Having a developed system of regional representations, it promotes the production on the whole territory of Russian

Coral-Med approaches the formation of civilized, stable developing pharmaceutical market in Russia and hopes, that coordination activities of state, public and private structures of medicine and pharmaceutics will make is possible to do the following steps for stopping either social danger illnesses, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, or in solving the problems in the field of rheumatology, neurology, transplantology and psychiatry.


Closed corporation Coral-Med - is the first Russian pharmaceutical...

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Exclusive delivery to Russia a conceptual new
high technological...

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Coral-Med realizes the entire spectrum of activities on Russian pharmaceutical...

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